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The software project KDE is a desktop environment usually used in Unix and Unix-like systems.

    Features information on IceWM and X Window System window manager. And also includes details on project listing and documentations.

  • K Desktop Environment (KDE)

    Open source graphical desktop combining ease of use and contemporary functionality with the Unix operating system.

  • KDE Bug Tracking System

    Portrays KDE's bug tracking system, files details of wishes bugs and crashes reported by users, and developers information.

  • KDE Download

    Offer lists of KDE FTP mirrors, download stable versions, applications and development source code.

  • KDE Events

    Houses information on KDE news and events, strategics, target audience and giveaways.

  • KDE Events

    Discusses information on KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005, press resources, program overview and conference schedules.

  • KDE Got News

    Reports news on KDE topics, applications, blog as well as features of different versions and various related links.

  • KDE Myth Buster

    Contains information about KDE myths, KDE community, projects and miscellaneous.

  • KDE Usability Testing

    Explains basic usability testing and process for development.

  • KDE Wiki

    Delivers points on K Desktop Environment(KDE), news, KDE themes at skinbase, KDE forums and applications.

  • KDE-Forum.org

    Collates details about the KDE forum, announcements, tutorials and tips, KDE software, installation and configuration and membership registration.

  • KFocus

    Project management program that supports in categorizing tasks into projects. Includes brief overview and list of future plans.

  • Kompany

    Advanced developers group which provides users of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X with tools for home offices and development environments use.

  • MARC Mailing List Archive

    Maintains information about KDE mailing list archive, KDE accessibility, KDE announcement, KDE applications, KDE artists and many more.

  • The Official KcmDhcpd Homepage

    Presents KcmDhcpd description, application downloads, and program screenshots.

  • Planet KDE

    Written by KDE contributors, an aggregation of public weblogs.

  • Topix.net: KDE

    Collections of news about KDE from different sources.

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