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KDE Desktop Environments

K Desktop Environment (KDE)

Open source graphical desktop combining ease of use and contemporary functionality with the Unix operating system.

KDE Accessibility Project

Provides details on KDEAP, developers information, accessibility reports and unix accessibility forum.

KDE Bug Tracking System

Portrays KDE's bug tracking system, files details of wishes bugs and crashes reported by users, and developers information.

KDE Download

Offer lists of KDE FTP mirrors, download stable versions, applications and development source code.

KDE e.V. Homepage

Creates KDE e.V activities, article documents, and report documents.

KDE Events

Discusses information on KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005, press resources, program overview and conference schedules.

KDE Events

Houses information on KDE news and events, strategics, target audience and giveaways.

KDE Extragear

Features KDE addons, graphics, multimedia and network software, KDE projects and applications.

KDE Got News

Reports news on KDE topics, applications, blog as well as features of different versions and various related links.

KDE Myth Buster

Contains information about KDE myths, KDE community, projects and miscellaneous.

KDE Usability Project

Provides feedback through user tests and interface reviews and educate developers about usability in development cycle.

KDE Wiki

Delivers points on K Desktop Environment(KDE), news, KDE themes at skinbase, KDE forums and applications.

KDE Women

KDE female contributors and users building community. Contains tutorials, guidelines, articles and documentation.


Collates details about the KDE forum, announcements, tutorials and tips, KDE software, installation and configuration and membership registration.


Project management program that supports in categorizing tasks into projects. Includes brief overview and list of future plans.


Advanced developers group which provides users of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X with tools for home offices and development environments use.

MARC Mailing List Archive

Maintains information about KDE mailing list archive, KDE accessibility, KDE announcement, KDE applications, KDE artists and many more.

The Official KcmDhcpd Homepage

Presents KcmDhcpd description, application downloads, and program screenshots.

Planet KDE

Written by KDE contributors, an aggregation of public weblogs.

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