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Bookmark Managers

Alert Bookmarks

Online manuals with technical support and utility features.


Browser independent bookmark manager that uses tags instead of the hierarchical folder structure.

Bookmark Buddy

Combination of favorites’ organizer and log-in manager features user reviews and ratings.

Check and Get

Professional internet organizer and web monitoring system.


Website bookmarking and commenting utility creating a community of Doogl users who post and share views on a variety of things online.


Like bookmarks, but better. Highlight pertinent data and save whole sections of web sites on the Cyte server.

Kick Me In

Web bookmarking service allows users to create a visual homepage similar to Google Chrome's.

SV Bookmark

Web previewer that allows user to extract contents of web pages and turn it into web reviews.


Bookmarks synchronization solution especially useful for those who need to work on different computers.

URL Manager Pro

Bookmark manager presents list of features, screenshots and products.

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