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Browsers Plug-Ins


Browser extension that is a glossary for the web. Gives information from any word that is highlighted.


Browser add-on created to block cookies from websites and to keep track of the blocked cookies.


Enables web browsers to control media players and to find lyrics, covers, videos, and artist information.

Image Co-Tracker

Tool for creating the database of images from the internet by capturing images, internet address and its name.


Chrome and Firefox add-on that automatically redirects users to the new URLs of down or inactive websites.


Browser add-on developed to easily find and format web content license information.


Free browser add-on that lets users block ads with Facebook, Twitter, TMZ, ESPN, Flickr, Bikini Babes, PandaCam, CNN, and more.

Password Scrambler

Browser add-on which allows the user to automatically generate secure and hard to guess passwords for each site visited through the use of one master password.


Browser extension for downloading photos and albums from Facebook and other similar sites without having to log in to the account.


Password manager, form filler, and password generator web browser plug-in.


Free plug-in for the Chrome and Safari browsers developed to share browsing tabs between multiple browsers or devices.


Free online bookmark manager providing a secure way for storing and accessing bookmarks through different browsers in different computers.


Offers a free download for software that monitors favorite sites to show updates automatically.

Surf Canyon Search

Browser extension for recognizing personal trends in surfing. For use on Yahoo!, Bing, and Google.

YT ByClick

Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Enables the one-click downloading and conversion of videos from YouTube.

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