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Firefox Extensions

  • AdBlock

    Firefox extension allowing users to block certain images and ad content. Site offers source code and program downloads, news, and support information.

  • Cocoon

    Plugin developed to enable safe, private, secure, and virus-free browsing. Also provides web browsing protection when connecting to open wi-fi access points.

  • FootieFox

    Firefox plugin that displays information on ongoing football matches at the Firefox status bar.

  • Google Notebook

    Online service allows web surfers to take down notes within their browsers, on the current page notes are to be taken for.

  • Multifox

    Enables Firefox users to log in to different online accounts at the same time, eliminating the hassles of having to log out before before logging in to another account for the same web service.

  • ProCon Latte

    Content filter extension for Mozilla Firefox. Automatically prevents access to web pages that contain profanity or objectionable content.

  • SiteLauncher

    Hotkey-based launcher for favorite websites. Offers a clutter-free method for saving and accessing frequently visited sites.

  • SkipScreen

    This extension allows you to skip the tedious screens and excessive clicking before getting to content.

  • Snap Links Plus

    Enables users to easily open multiple links by drawing a box around them. Opens links in new tabs or new windows.

  • ThumbsDown

    Mass image downloading tool for Firefox. Downloads original full-size images with less effort.

  • Titlebar Tweaks

    Modifies the browser's titlebar text. Enables text switching or the removal of either the browser's name or document title.

  • Tree Style Tab

    Changes the positioning of tabs in Firefox similar to the appearance of the folder tree of Windows Explorer. Automatically attaches newly opened tabs to their parent tabs.

  • TwitterFox

    Integrated notification of friends' Twitter tweets in Firefox. Displays a little TwitterFox icon on the status bar where tweet texts may also be inputted.

  • UnPlug

    Firefox plug-in allowing users to download embedded media. Site offers extension information and downloads.


    Collection of Firefox extensions that control the appearance of websites and behavior of browser applications.

  • WebPanel Enhancer

    Adds features to the sidebar web navigation. Enables the viewing of page sources, links, downloads, extensions, and current page in the sidebar.

  • Webvisum

    Browser add-on designed to enhance web accessibility and to help the blind and visually impaired in enjoying the benefits of the world wide web. Features community driven tagging and page enhancements as well as automated and instant CAPTCHA image solving.

  • XHTML-MP Overview

    Provides Firefox the ability to render HTML pages with the mime-type of application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml.

  • XPather

    Integrates with Firefox and its DOMInspector to primarily act as a web/XML-app development and hacking tool.

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