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Napster Clients

  • AudioGnome

    Free file sharing client for Windows. Site provides downloads and accommodates suggestions, questions, and bug reports.

  • FreshNoise (After Napster)

    Site created to list alternatives to the Napster protocol and related file sharing clients.

  • Lopster

    File sharing client capable of downloading files from Napster and other networks.

  • napMan

    Infobot that provides user with a real time glimpse into the current state of the worldwide network of Napster servers.

  • OpenNap

    Open source Napster server created to connect clients together.

  • Opennap-NG

    Free, non-commercial open source server software for Unix and Windows, serving the Napster peer-to-peer file sharing protocol.

  • SunshineUN

    Free Napster based file sharing program which allows end user to share and download multiple files of different types.

  • XNap

    Provider of plug-in enabled framework for peer-to-peer applications and client which based on the same framework.

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