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Freeware Editors

  • Crimson Editor

    Professional source code editor for Windows. Has features for programming languages like HTML, C/C, Perl, and Java.

  • FTPix

    Easiest way to upload and share pictures on internet. Supports Mac OS X and Windows.

  • iEdit

    Text editor for programmers offered for free with its full source code under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

  • JCreator

    Java IDE providing a wide range of functionalities to include project templates, code completion tools, a debugger interface, and editor syntax highlighting.

  • Jext

    Free source code editor written in Java. Downloadable, modifiable, and redistributable.

  • Netpadd

    Web development related text editor for Windows. Features additional web specific functionalities.

  • Pecha Maker

    Simple text editor yields pecha style documents. Features include automatic formatting and a layout tool.

  • PS Pad

    Universal text editor for use in plain text editing, web page creation, and IDE.

  • Rmmbr

    Online note taker for creating notes on the go. Add a title, hit enter, and start taking notes on a unique url.

  • Scintilla

    Free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK. Go over the descriptions of this program's versions.

  • Simple Line Editor

    Email text editor ignores control characters but understands function keys.

  • Syuhitu

    Text editor for Solaris featuring unlimited undoing and redoing, text searching by regular _expression, auto indention, plugin support, and more.

  • Upside Down Text

    Allows user to type in text which can then be reversed and/or flipped upside down.

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