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Investment Calculator Software

Basic Fixed Income

Online educational calculators for bonds, repositions, swaps, swaptions, caps and floors, CDS, and FRA.

Directory of math, financial, health and business calculation tools.


Investing software calculation solutions that include performance reporting, computation of personal rate of return, performance modeling, and plan sponsor analytics.


Tools for investment analysis calculations, discounted cash flow, inflation, graphic analysis, and statistics.


Free online financial pricing tool useful to those interested in finance and derivative instruments.

Dividend Calculator

Offers online calculators for figuring out the earnings from yielding investments over time.

Excel DCF Models | Discounted Cash Flow

Collection of free personal finance calculators including a loan amortization spreadsheet, vehicle finance and lease comparison, mortgage refinancing calculator, and business valuation model.

Fiscal Agents Financial Tools

Provides savings and investment calculators, mortgage and loan calculators, personal planners and worksheets, as well as retirement planning calculators.

Hedge Fund Calculator

Enables the calculation of quantitative statistics, net numbers, and marketing materials involved in hedge fund management.

Investment Performance Calculator

Financial desktop application that solves for the time and dollar weighted rates of return on any investment.

Investment Performance Measurement Calculator

Web-based calculator that solves for various figures that determine investment performance using a number of variables.


Interest calculators and loan and portfolio management software available in Standard, Law, and Loan Manager editions.

Return on Investment Solver

Computes for the return of investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IRR) for any investing scenario.


Standalone software application particularly developed to calculate the disallowed losses incurred due to the wash sale rule covered under the Internal Revenue Code Sec. 1091(a).

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