Steganography in the Best of the Web Directory


  • BitCrypt

    Encrypts information with cyphers and stores it in a user selected bitmap image or in a process called steganography.

  • CryptoBola

    Protects passwords, memos, secret diary, memos, and various other information through steganography that features direct data access in or from images.

  • Hiding Information in the Order of a List

    Features an applet for hiding messages within lists. Also adds a password.

  • Information Hiding: Steganography and Digital Watermarking

    Article on steganography and watermarking with related publications, research, and steganography tools.

  • OpenStego

    Open-source, free steganography solution embeds and extracts data from images with a password.

  • Steghide

    Steganography-encryption program designed to hide data in image and audio files. Includes the embedding of a checksum to verify extracted data integrity.


    Introduction to steganography with information on its history, practical privacy issues, information hiding, and watermarking. Also features an annotated stego bibliography.

  • StegoShare

    Steganography tool designed to embed large files in multiple images. Enhances anonymous file sharing.

  • Thumbnail Steganography

    Stores data by creating a thumbnail from a source image and altering its color channels. Data are extracted by calculating the differences between pixels.

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