Computer Software Protection and License Control in the Best of the Web Directory

Computer Software Protection and License Control

  • 1Way

    ActiveX control that enables the development of time-limited shareware.

  • ACLib

    Helps protect applications from being cracked. Offers several detection algorithms that examine if a software is being debugged, monitored, or traced.

  • ActiveLock

    ActiveX control designed to add registration features to programs out for distribution. Protects programs from piracy.

  • AntiDuplicate

    SDK for creating USB hardware keys for copy protected software distribution. Enables users to create hardware keys out of ordinary USB flash drives.

  • ContentGuard

    Focused on creating a worldwide standard Digital Rights Language and licenses its patents and technology to companies developing software and systems to distribute and manage digital works.

  • Digital Content Protection

    Organization that licenses technologies for protecting commercial entertainment content.

  • SoftwareKey

    Find solutions for licensing, security, e-commerce and Internet marketing.

  • Star Force

    Specializes in providing products, services, and technologies for intellectual property protection. Helps protect multimedia, business software, information, documents, and mobile content.

  • Ultra Softlock Pvt.Ltd

    Provides copy protection solutions for software, documents, multimedia files, and other intellectual property output.

  • V.i. Labs

    Specializes in solutions for preventing software piracy, code theft, and software tampering.

  • Validy

    Enables the creation of a USB based hybrid system for running proprietary software. Protects software by requiring a USB token.

  • VMProtect

    Software protection product that supports x32 and x64 formats as well as Delphi, Borland C Builder, Visual C/C++, and Virtual Pascal compilers.

  • Zprotect

    Software protection system devoted to preventing software cracking and reverse engineering. Makes use of encryption, data compression, and virtual machine technologies.

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