Open Source Intrusion Detection Systems in the Best of the Web Directory

Open Source Intrusion Detection Systems

Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases

PHP-based analysis engine with query-builder interface, packet viewer, alert management and chart generation. Archives documentation of applications.


Tool contains shell scripts or toolkit modification, checks deletions, signs for Trojans, and replaces dirty strings.

Firestorm NIDS

Network intrusion detection system identifies suspicious patterns in network traffic.

Institute of Security Technology Studies

Presents current projects cyber security and trust to help develop authentication techniques in various settings. Lists and details researches.

Lak - Intrusion Prevention System

Compiles source, binaries, scripts and whitepapers to help understand actual functions.

P0f: 2.0.8

Passive OS fingerprinting tool identifies machines that can and cannot connect to the box, and measures firewall and hookup networks.


Project detects attack and automatically notifies administrator through email.


Open Source project demonstrates intrusion detection systems and vulnerability assessment platforms.


Open source network intrusion prevents and detects system. With news, rules, and training details.


Perl script sums up snort and firewall logs to detect and view network attacks. Details support and licensing.


Web console manages, controls and monitors multiple IDS sensors with NIDS network. Details status and features of projects.

Systrace - Interactive Policy Generation for System Calls

Can monitor daemons on remote machines and enforces system call policies for applications.

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