Open Source Intrusion Detection Systems in the Best of the Web Directory

Open Source Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases

    PHP-based analysis engine with query-builder interface, packet viewer, alert management and chart generation. Archives documentation of applications.

  • Chkrootkit

    Tool contains shell scripts or toolkit modification, checks deletions, signs for Trojans, and replaces dirty strings.

  • Firestorm NIDS

    Network intrusion detection system identifies suspicious patterns in network traffic.

  • Institute of Security Technology Studies

    Presents current projects cyber security and trust to help develop authentication techniques in various settings. Lists and details researches.

  • Lak - Intrusion Prevention System

    Compiles source, binaries, scripts and whitepapers to help understand actual functions.

  • P0f: 2.0.8

    Passive OS fingerprinting tool identifies machines that can and cannot connect to the box, and measures firewall and hookup networks.

  • Panoptis

    Project detects attack and automatically notifies administrator through email.

  • Prelude

    Hybrid IDS framework enables available security application and different kinds of sensors.

  • QuIDScor

    Open Source project demonstrates intrusion detection systems and vulnerability assessment platforms.

  • Snort

    Open source network intrusion prevents and detects system. With news, rules, and training details.

  • SnortALog

    Perl script sums up snort and firewall logs to detect and view network attacks. Details support and licensing.

  • Systrace - Interactive Policy Generation for System Calls

    Can monitor daemons on remote machines and enforces system call policies for applications.

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