PGP Encryption in the Best of the Web Directory

PGP Encryption


OpenPGP compatible encryption component that can be used in various modern development environments including Visual Basic, VC++, ASP, Delphi, dotNet, and C#.


Fully inter-operable OpenPGP-compliant command line designed for the authentication and security needs of webmasters, integrators, and developers.


Complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard that enables the encryption and signing of data and communication. Also provides access modules for all kinds of public key directories.

The International PGP Home Page

Site dedicated to promoting the use of Pretty Good Privacy. Presents news, downloads, documentations, support, and resource links.

OpenPGP Alliance

Group of companies and organizations who implement the OpenPGP Proposed Standard. Aims to facilitate technical interoperability and marketing synergy between OpenPGP implementations.


GNOME application capable of creating and managing PGP and SSH keys, publishing and retrieving keys from key servers, and creating backups for keys and keyring.

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