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File encryption is the process of transforming data into a difficult-to-interpret format called the ciphertext to protect and maintain the integrity of files being stored or transmitted.
  • Absolute CHAOS

    Creates active public keys to enable the encryption of messages transmitted or received.

  • AutoKrypt for Windows

    Encryption software offering advanced automation functions. Features a graphical interface, free technical support, and flexibility.

  • CipherPack

    Simple program that facilitates the confidential sending of files and secure archiving of sensitive data.

  • Data Guard

    Information protection tool that makes use of AES algorithm with 256-bit key and Haval 256-bit Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC).

  • Encryption Protection

    Provides three levels of encryption, a military grade file shredder, and the ability to encrypt text messages, HTML webpages, and binary files.

  • GoldKey

    USB based multi-factor authentication and AES encryption solution that complies with data protection regulations.

  • Kremlin

    Provides file and data protection using secure 160-bit encryption with algorithms such as Blowfish and RC4.

  • Secward TotalFileGuard

    File protection and data loss prevention shareware. Provides automated and transparent encryption, enterprise-grade security, and simplified management and deployment.

  • Vormetric

    Provides data security solutions encrypting all file types, databases, and applications in physical, virtual, and cloud enterprise environments.

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