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Patterns and Anti-Patterns

  • About Design Pattern

    Provides online list of Java design patterns with sample codes.

  • Anu(e)scape

    Online software design pattern links, this includes definition, Patterns in a Nutshell, FAQs, pattern e-books and conference papers as well.

  • Design Pattern in Dynamic Programming

    Discusses about design pattern, its level of implementation, its application in dynamic languages and other related topics.

  • Lord of The Flies

    Stories, articles, and short essays for computer programmers on how to have a sensible living environment.

  • Patterns Library

    Information about all aspects of software patterns and pattern languages, plus links to software tools, related writings and presentation.

  • Portland Pattern Repository

    Useful pattern information, including language catalog, pattern projects and articles.

  • Unix Shell Patterns

    A collection of Unix terms and some pattern intents.

  • Visitor Pattern

    Features information about data modeling for OO, refactoring, pitfalls of process frameworks as well as translation of object models to code and others.

  • Why a Duck?

    Provides information about polymorphism and design patterns which includes topics like factory method, decorator, adapter and others.

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