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Visual Programming Resources

  • Cycling '74

    Sells Max/MSP and Jitter, a family of interactive graphical dataflow programming environments for audio, video, and graphical processing.

  • Eidola!

    Representation independent, object-oriented, visual language. Experimental project exploring radical approach to language structure and design.

  • Journal of Visual Languages and Computing

    Bimonthly journal on promoting Visual languages, and on their implications for computing.

  • Longflow Enterprises Ltd.

    Makes Limnor general purpose codeless programming platform and development environment, based on prebuilt components, object-oriented; supports functional programming, ActiveX, C#, .NET, Visual Basic. Needs Windows XP and above.

  • Peter

    Visual programming tool designated for easy and quick creation of applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. By Gemtree Software.

  • Petri Nets World

    Formal and graphical appealing language which is appropriate for modeling systems with concurrency.

  • Sanscript

    Visual dataflow programming language and development environment.

  • Subtext

    Experimental language to simplify application programming, based on copying, live executable text, programming by example, and prototypes.

  • Subtext: Alarming Development

    Weblog for the Subtext language. Polite discussion and debate on new programming models to simplify application programming.

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