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Ruby Tools Resources

  • Hipster's

    Dozens of Ruby programs. Examples: reverse dependency tool, simple HTTP daemon, vim syntax coloring, Design by Contract, Literate Ruby, Fibonacci generators, generic XML generator.

  • MySQL/Ruby

    MySQL API module (extension library) for Ruby; gives same functions to Ruby programs that MySQL C API gives to C programs.

  • Rockit

    Ruby O-o Compiler construction toolKIT; easy-to-use, written in and emits Ruby code. Current focus: 'front-end' phases of compiler construction; generates lexer and parser (more advanced than yacc's LaLr(1), grammars in Extended Backus-Naur form.

  • Ruby/GP

    Genetic programming library in Ruby.

  • RubyInline

    Analog to Perl's Inline::C, allows embedding C external module code in Ruby scripts directly; code is compiled and run on the fly, as needed. [open source, MIT License].

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