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Ruby Programming Tools

  • AESCrypt

    Program to encrypt/decrypt streams of data using Rijndael and Cipher Block Feedback mode (CFB-128), for shell scripts and Ruby.

  • BioRuby

    Software library whose goal is to implement integrated environment for bioinformatics research in Ruby.

  • LoveRubyNet

    Software archive that contains many projects authored by Minero Aoki, namely: Racc, LALR(1) Perser generator, TMail, Mail Class (implements MIME multipart, more), and strscan. English and Japanese versions.

  • Rinn

    CORBA for Ruby. Goal: a pure Ruby version based on CORBA-Ruby Mapping Specification.

  • Ruby as Glue Language

    Ruby bindings for several libraries, programs, with readme files.

  • RubyCocoa

    Ruby/Objective-C bridge for Mac OS X with Cocoa; Cocoa bindings for Ruby. Allows native OS function mixins and GUI component use, write Cocoa programs in Ruby, mix Ruby and Objective-C code, create and use Cocoa objects in Ruby scripts. English, Nihongo. [Open Source].

  • RUDL Library

    Interfaces the Simple Directmedia Library to Ruby, giving it high speed graphics, sound, and input abilities. Links to related projects. [Open source, LGPL].

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