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Ruby Network Software


    Embeds a Ruby interpreter into the Apache webserver, to let Ruby CGI scripts execute natively, so scripts start up and run far faster.

  • Oxyliquit Nitro Q&A

    Question and answer (Q&A) system for: Nitro multiparadigm Web application development engine, and ObjectGraph (Og) object-relational mapping library.

  • Rice

    Ruby ICE, Information and Content Exchange. Implements ICE syndicator that publishes time stamps, ICE subscriber that consumes time stamps. Description, documents, downloads.

  • Ruby/DICT

    RFC 2229 compliant client-side library implementation of DICT protocol, written in Ruby; can be used to write clients that access dictionary definitions from set of natural language dictionary databases.

  • Ruby/SMB

    Brings Samba to Ruby: a C library gluing Samba libsmb client library to Ruby dynamic high-level language; a tool making it easy to work with OS network resources, without considering low-level issues: buffers, pointers, buffer pointers. [Open Source, GPL].

  • Ruby-Radius

    CVS interface, no Webpage; The RADIUS Ruby module gives an RFC 2138/2139-compliant interface to RADIUS using Ruby. API is based somewhat on Net::Radius module for Perl, but with some changes made to use Ruby features (such as iterators).

  • ZenWeb

    System to build full Websites, not only pages. Allows focusing on content and structure of site, while leaving page construction, markup, layout, navigation as secondary concerns.

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