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Ibm Mainframe Scripts

A Few ISPF or OS/390 Tools and Toys

ISPF extensions, development aids and system information. By Doug Nadel, ISPF developer.

Bill Lalonde - Big Iron

REXX Sample Code for OS/390.

Capitalware's Sample OS/390 Code

Various Rexx, CLIST, C and assembler programs.

CBT Tape

MVS freeware repository. Has lots of Rexx code, too.

CSI International

Quarterly journal with some Rexx information. Source from older issues freely available online.

Dave's MVS freeware - Rexx

System-oriented execs.

David McRitchie: The REXX Macros Toolbox

For TSO ISPF and SPF/PC users.

Joanna Gordon

Includes sample ISPF application for IMS online image copy utility.

Lionel B. Dyck

OS/390 Freeware page includes ISPF and REXX related tools and toys.

Rock Painter

Mainframe Rexx Examples.

Roy Gardiner

ISPF tool, Dataset Display Facility. Utility actions on remembered dataset list.

University of Regina

Users' manual - Languages - REXX.

VM Download Library

Contains lots of REXX and Pipelines utilities.


VM/SP Rexx discussion list, archives and subscription.

z/OS Unix Tools and Toys

Includes Rexx function package with stream I/O commands, file services, environment variables and immediate commands.

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