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Rexx Extensions

  • LesTec Pty Ltd

    Modular And Integrated Design (MAID) for Windows and OS/2 (visual Rexx GUI) and input/output function library.

  • Rexx/CURL

    Interface to the cURL package for access to URL-addressable resources such as web pages, ftp sites, and telnet sessions.

  • Rexx/Curses

    Interface to Curses, a Text-mode user interface.

  • Rexx/gd

    Interface to manipulate simple graphics images.

  • Rexx/ISAM

    Interface to ISAM files.

  • Rexx/SQL

    Interfaces to many SQL Databases.

  • Rexx/Tk

    Library for using the Tk GUI toolkit.

  • Rexx/Trans

    Rexx API translation library.

  • Rexx/Wrapper

    Build executable program from Rexx programs.

  • rxJava

    Rexx functions for Java.

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