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REBOL FAQs, Help, and Tutorials

Coolnamehere: REBOL

Provides learning information on the language, including its data types and grab bag. Provides links to related resources.

D2SET: Presentation of Rebol

Introduces the programming languageā€™s script examples namely tree-dir and clean-path. Includes site builder manual with screen images.

ONLamp: Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming

Presentation of integrated graphical user interface system in the scripting language. With sample codes, screen images, and user comments.

Pat665 FAQ

Provides answers to queries regarding its fundamentals, values, and functions.

Programmers Heaven: Rebol Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Tutorial on the fundamentals of programming language. Includes demos and example codes.

REBOL Language FAQ

Contains listings of frequently asked questions about the programming language. Queries are arranged by category.

Rebol Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Fundamental tutorial for the object-oriented programming, includes numerous sample codes and programs.

Rebol Tips and Techniques

Guide to the programming language details language's functionalities. Includes sample codes for illustration.

REBOL: Cookbook of Code Examples

Index of programming language sample scripts. Allows users to post their own codes and related files.

Simple REBOL Scanner

Provides source codes for different Rebol scanner versions and mailto encoder.

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