Python Text Processing Modules in the Best of the Web Directory

Python Text Processing Modules

CSV Module for Python

Reading module contains code samples, documentation, installation directions, and package releases.


Documentation on Python templating system includes modules and classes for text markup embedding.

Scanning Parsing and Rewriting Kit

Open-source Python-written module with related paper, release notes and versions, and project list.


Presents parser building text-tagging engine. With tutorials that contain code samples, version updates, and installation methods.


Extension package in Python maintains SNOBOL pattern matching. With user manual and file release.

SourceForge: CSV Importer for Python

Module file release application that verifies file formats and optional wxPython dialog.

SourceForge: pyMifluz

File release for Python binding that generates text-inverted index.

SourceForge: PyStemmer

Python-written module that is capable of stemmer functionalities for the English, German, Italian, and French languages.

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