Python Text Processing Modules in the Best of the Web Directory

Python Text Processing Modules

  • CSV Module for Python

    Reading module contains code samples, documentation, installation directions, and package releases.

  • eGenix: mxTextTools

    Extension module performs processing and manipulation of texts. Includes feature list, user and reference manual, and change history.

  • Empy

    Documentation on Python templating system includes modules and classes for text markup embedding.

  • Scanning Parsing and Rewriting Kit

    Open-source Python-written module with related paper, release notes and versions, and project list.

  • SimpleParse

    Presents parser building text-tagging engine. With tutorials that contain code samples, version updates, and installation methods.

  • SnoPy

    Extension package in Python maintains SNOBOL pattern matching. With user manual and file release.

  • SourceForge: CSV Importer for Python

    Module file release application that verifies file formats and optional wxPython dialog.

  • SourceForge: pyMifluz

    File release for Python binding that generates text-inverted index.

  • SourceForge: PyStemmer

    Python-written module that is capable of stemmer functionalities for the English, German, Italian, and French languages.

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