Python Database and Persistence Modules in the Best of the Web Directory

Python Database and Persistence Modules

  • eGenix: mxBeeBase

    Customized database builder provides feature list, reference and user manual, and version changes.

  • Metakit

    Integrated database library with package releases, version changes, and installation instructions.

  • NeuroKode Labs: Python Database Objects

    Contains documentations and package release of application that gains access to numerous databases.

  • pSQL

    Python database used for accessing and handling objects. Provides version releases and changes, ReadMe file, and code examples.

  • Python Bindings for BerkeleyDB

    Provides documentation, releases, and source codes for database system.

  • SourceForge: Python SQL Database Access System

    Package release of application that provides programming interface.

  • SQL Alchemy: Python SQL Toolkit

    Contains feature descriptions, tutorial, and FAQs on the database library.

  • SQLObject

    Object Relational Manager for interfacing databases. Includes installation steps, developer manual, FAQs, and related documentations.

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