Prolog Programming Implementations in the Best of the Web Directory

Prolog Programming Implementations


Features the introduction to Intelligent Web Services with Java and Tomcat with demo and source code.

Aquarius Prolog 1.0

Details a portable Prolog Implementation. Provides instructions in obtaining Aquarius Prolog free of charge.

ARITY: Research, Reasoning, Results

Explanation on the highly optimized extended version of the logic programming language Arity/Prolog32.


Introduction of the multipurpose programming language system and its other features. Shows a list of recently released higher versions of the program.

Brain Aid Prolog

Showcases an online manual and tutorial of the program with examples and library references.

The Ciao Prolog Development System WWW Site

Introduces the Ciao Prolog System. Offers online presentations and tutorials on Ciao features, LPdoc and CiaoPP.

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

Listing of free and shareware Prolog implementations with brief descriptions added.

The GNU Prolog Web Site

Features the Prolog system, the compiler, and the constraint solver. Provides manuals and downloadable items of the system.


Contains a list of IF projects with detailed discussion and print-screened output.

Logic Programming Associates Ltd

Compiles a list of various programming language projects with descriptions and output provided. Includes Frequently Asked Questions together with their answers.


Reports the latest updates about Logtalk such as recent downloadable versions and other news. Also shows a list of summarized features on the object-oriented logic programming language.

Strawberry Prolog

Introduces the compiler as a part of the AI project with sample programs provided.

SWI Prolog

Introduces the purposes of the implementation at the present time to provide the needs of real-world applications. Provides list of the features of SWI Prolog 5.6.x.


Discussion on the documentation of the program such as new features, modules, application programming interfaces and others. Offers Trinc-Prolog versions for downloading.

The University of Queensland School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Describes Qu-Prolog as an extended Prolog design used as a prototyping and tactic language for interactive theorem provers.

Visual Prolog

Logical programming language that counts PDC Prolog and Turbo Prolog. Supports industrial strength programming of intricate knowledge emphasized problems.

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