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Free Script Collections

CGI Archives

Library of Common Gateway Interface scripts, with demos for advertisement, animation, Internet utilities, audio management, mail forms, and banner ad rotation.

CGI Connection

Installation software for building websites that offers access to CGI scripts.

Cosmic Scripts

Compilation of premium and freeware scripts for webmasters.


Provides freeware Commerce, Communication, GroupWare, and InfoManagement tools.

Free CGI Scripts from the Crypt

Collection of Perl Common Gateway Interface scripts, with different release versions.

Free Scripts

Library of Perl codes designed for guest books, image effects, affiliate programs, link management, networking, polls, chat programs, and email.

Matt Kruse’s Scripts

Freeware code collection includes calendar, bookmark tree editor, HTML replace script, and spider catcher. Includes screen images, sample outputs, version history, and documentation.

NMS Project

Program and script listings, with descriptions, and version releases. Includes answers to FAQs and usage details.

Uninet Perl Company

Consultancy organization provides Perl codes, with program samples and descriptions.

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