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Topics listed in this category relate to scripts, or short programs, written in Perl language.
  • Boutell: PerlMUD 3.0

    Multi-user Dimension written in Perl 5 programming language that allows communication and interaction between users. With sample scripts for illustration.

  • Chami: Bin2hex

    Scripts in translating binary files into Perl source code array.

  • Condorcet with Dual Dropping Perl Scripts

    Method for merging CSSD and RP methods. Includes bug reports, feature requests, and documentation.

  • ePerl

    Tool for extending statements in text files, which are formerly written in C programming language. With reference, source code, changelog, and release versions.

  • Gerry’s Script Library

    Compilation of codes for Javascript, PHP, Perl, and Python.

  • Matt’s Script Archive

    Provides numerous Perl CGI codes for TextCounter, HTTP Cookie Library, Countdown, WWWBoard, and FormMail.

  • OSSP ePerl: Embedded Perl Language

    Interprets and evaluates Perl codes and modules. With list of distribution files, changelog, and sources.

  • Perl Scripts

    Source codes in Perl with descriptions included in each.

  • Perl/Tk GUI Scripts for Test Labs

    Graphical user interface codes, with descriptions and screen images included in each.

  • Web-Wap Studio: WWS Perl Protector

    Allows Perl script and module encryption, with feature and price lists.

  • xtractCode

    Provides version history, functionality list, and source code on the Perl label.

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