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Perl Scripts

Boutell: PerlMUD 3.0

Multi-user Dimension written in Perl 5 programming language that allows communication and interaction between users. With sample scripts for illustration.

Chami: Bin2hex

Scripts in translating binary files into Perl source code array.

Condorcet with Dual Dropping Perl Scripts

Method for merging CSSD and RP methods. Includes bug reports, feature requests, and documentation.


Tool for extending statements in text files, which are formerly written in C programming language. With reference, source code, changelog, and release versions.

Gerry’s Script Library

Compilation of codes for Javascript, PHP, Perl, and Python.

Matt’s Script Archive

Provides numerous Perl CGI codes for TextCounter, HTTP Cookie Library, Countdown, WWWBoard, and FormMail.

OSSP ePerl: Embedded Perl Language

Interprets and evaluates Perl codes and modules. With list of distribution files, changelog, and sources.

Perl Scripts

Source codes in Perl with descriptions included in each.

Perl/Tk GUI Scripts for Test Labs

Graphical user interface codes, with descriptions and screen images included in each.


Consists of tutorial in creating code and demo program on Perl CGI and PHP scripts.

Web-Wap Studio: WWS Perl Protector

Allows Perl script and module encryption, with feature and price lists.


Provides version history, functionality list, and source code on the Perl label.

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