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Find Perl modules involving database, e-mail, graphics, HTML, XML and related programming.
  • Apache: HTTP Cookie Class

    Perl interface on Libareq routines based from Lincoln Stein’s CGI cookie module. With description of each method.

  • CDDB / CDDB_get

    Perl module that needs Linux, CD-ROM drive, and Internet connection for getting audio CD. Includes version list and history.


    Customary library used in designing CGI scripts written in Perl language. With tutorial examples, tips and hints, and featured books.

  • Class Date Perl Module Documentation

    Provides sample data type. Includes manual, version history, and subversion repository.

  • Daemon: Config

    Features Perl module used for opening and parsing file contents. With sample configuration code.

  • dLux’s Hacks Page

    Collection of hacks, patches, and Perl modules, with details included in each.

  • Finance: Quote

    Perl-written module that obtains information from different marketing sources. Contains FAQs, manuals, hacker’s guide, patches and bug-tracking system.

  • Finance: StockTrade Information

    Perl module library that executes buying, monitoring, and selling tasks. Provides ReadMe file, version history, and manual in postscript and HTML format.

  • Fmscore and Mail: Freshmeat

    Program utilizes Perl module for ranking newsletter entries. Supplies source codes, sample configuration, edition releases, and installation instructions.

  • Geo: METAR Information

    Aviation weather information accessibility module that is written in Perl. Includes API documentation, and ReadMe and ToDo files.

  • Lingua: Romana: Perligata

    Paper on Perl module that writes programs in Latin language. Includes discussion on variables, subroutines, functions and operators, blocks and control structures.

  • Mod_perl: Apache/Perl Modules

    Features several modules of Perl and Apache, includes short descriptions of each.

  • Perl Cache

    Modules utilized in web applications for storing data. With ReadMe file, sample code, and Cache interface documentation details.

  • Perlmodinstall2: Installing Perl Modules

    Detailed instructions on setting up Perl-written modules for Unix and Windows NT.

  • SourceForge: Apache Htaccess

    Presents Perl module applications with .htaccess files. Available for download.

  • SourceForge: Devel Profiler

    Presents module written in Perl, includes release notes.

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