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Perl Help and Tutorials

  • Bernard Chan: Perl 5 Tutorial

    Guide to the scripting language intended for beginners.

  • BrainBell: Perl Tutorials

    Archives lessons covering Perl programming language, tutorial, references, applications, and related documents.

  • Eric’s Online Perl Tutorial

    Session list covers scripting basics and advanced techniques. With handouts, examples and assignments.

  • Examples in Perl

    Tutorial presents example codes for environment variables, database and parsing config files, and debugging in Perl programming.

  • Foster-Johnson: Perl Modules

    Summary of featured book discussing the language’s references, classes, constructors, methods, and attributes with example codes.

  • How to Program Perl

    Provides steps in programming the language, with numerous links to its resources.

  • Linuxtopia: Picking Up Perl

    Contents of guidebook on Perl programming includes scalars, arrays, control structures, regular expressions, and subroutines.

  • Perl Debugged

    Contains summary and outline of contents by Peter Scott and Ed Wright.

  • Perl HowTo

    Provides tips and hints, FAQs, and tutorials relating to the scripting language.

  • Perl in Israel: Talks and Course Materials

    Collection of the scripting language’s tutorials and conference presentations.

  • Perl Training Australia: Course Notes

    Consists of training manuals that covers database programming, security, web development, and system administration.

  • Perl, SQL, and Web Publishing Security

    Course for broadening computer knowledge on different languages. Includes lessons with sample codes for illustration.

  • Beginning Perl

    Contains chapter preview and indexes from Simon Cozens' book. Also includes list of code examples.

  • Perl: Downloading the Latest Version of Perl

    Provides accessibility to the programming language’s featured edition on source codes and binary distributions.

  • Perldoc: FAQs

    Compilation of frequently asked questions regarding Perl programming language applications and scripts.

  • Perlmeme

    Scripting language-related frequently asked questions, HowTo documents, and tutorials.

  • PerlRing

    Collection of the language’s tutorials, articles, and modules.

  • Picking up Perl, Edition 0.12

    Tutorial book on the programming language with postscripts.

  • Tutorials Point: Perl

    List of the programming language’s tutorial topics includes Perl variables, scalars, arrays, hashes, loopings, operators, and regular expressions.

  • Uta Priss: Perl

    Tutorial on Perl programming language, with exercises, resources, and suggested reading materials.

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