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PHP Obfuscation and Encryption

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This category provides tools for the obfuscation and encryption of PHP programming code.
  • Code Uglifiers

    Eradicates linefeeds, comments and white spaces. Available for download.

  • Codelock V2.0

    File code and script encrypter for PHP and HTML.

  • PHP Code Twister

    Obfuscates PHP code files. This will cause the file to be unreadable.

  • PHP Encoder

    Promises heavy encryption security and complete licensing system designed for the greatest performance of one's site.

  • phpObfuskator

    Free PHP obfuscator tool with available source code.

  • Professional PHP solutions: IonCube

    Protects and hides PHP source codes. Also an encoder, installer and performance tool. Available in many versions.

  • Protect PHP

    Share your PHP projects without giving your source code.

  • Thicket Obfuscator for PHP

    Organizes PHP source code so that it will not be retrieved or copied when already published in the web.

  • Turck MMCache

    Contains details about this free, open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP. Includes download and installation notes.

  • Zend Guard

    PHP encryption product offers protection from unlicensed use and reverse engineering. Provides software details, system requirements and purchase information.

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