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Listings found in this category feature PHP programming development tools, including obfuscation tools and encryption and source code formatters.
  • ASP Translator

    Free tool that translates an ASP code to PHP code.

  • Blumentals Software

    Latvia-based company offers web development and system security tools, screensaver creators, and 3D pinball high score editor.

  • Dev-PHP Website v3.0 and v2.0

    Freeware with the primary concern of generating applications and scripts using the PHP language.

  • eAccelerator

    Caches PHP Scripts to lessen the load of compiling. Creates fast execution of scripts. Freeware available online.

  • Eclipse: PDT Project

    PHP tools framework includes components in enhancing the scripting language. Contains FAQs, version release, related articles and references.

  • EngInSiteL PHP Editor

    Development tool for debugging, editing, and running PHP5 and 4 scripts. Contains screen shots, feature lists, FAQs, and trial version.

  • FPDF PDF Generator

    PHP class allows you to generate PDF files with pure PHP, without using the PDFlib library.

  • Gubed PHP Debugger

    Not a syntax checker, it debugs PHP scripts of logical errors. Freeware available online.

  • HTML Purifier

    Hypertext Preprocessor-written HTML filter library deletes malicious codes. Provides documentation, plug-in descriptions, background, live demo, and version releases.

  • Ioncube PHP Accelerator

    Speeds up PHP scripts without major script changes. Gives PHP cache. Freeware available online.

  • JPSPAN - Php and Javascipt

    JPSpan provides tools to “hook up” PHP and Javascript, for the purpose of fetching data from PHP into a web page which has already loaded, without reloading the entire page.

  • Ming - a SWF output library and PHP module

    Generate Flash from PHP.

  • MPSoftware: PHP Designer 2006

    Free download of IDE software for PHP coding.

  • NuSphere PhpED: The PHP Development Environment for the Enterprise Developer

    Eases code creation, debugs both remote and local codes, and allows fast deployment of PHP scripts to your site.

  • Pear: Benchmark

    Framework for benchmarking Hypertext Preprocessor function calls. With changelog, API documentation, and list of tool packages.

  • PHakt

    Download for free Dreamweaver support that is database independent.

  • PHP Back End Generator Online

    Generates 30 - 100 forms at one setting which takes time when done manually.

  • PHP Compiler

    Source code interpreter generates online and off-line web applications. With screen images, FAQs, advantage and highlight lists, and manual.

  • PHP Editor

    Allows programmers to create and test HTML and PHP pages.

  • phpBeans

    Hypertext Preprocessor programming language development supplies specifications and software. With tutorials and details on each project.

  • RedKernel Referrer Tracker

    Tracking script decreases server load and handles large hits. Contains screenshots, feature list, demo, and release version and updates.

  • Roadsend: PHP Compiler 2.0

    Enhanced IDE allows you to generate applications in full features. Available in 21 day free trial.

  • Top PHP Studio

    For PHP based applications, it gives solution to site development. Available in 30-day free trial.

  • TurboPHP

    Event-powered tool enhances web-based applications. Presents screen images and documentations with example codes.

  • VS.PHP IDE Visual Studio.Net

    Contains IDE and PHP editor.

  • WizzyWeb

    Rapid application development tool builds applications for databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and IBM. With feature descriptions, customer testimonials, FAQs, and screen images.

  • Xdebug

    Gives many debug information thus helps debug PHP script.

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