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PHP Programming Tools

ASP Translator

Free tool that translates an ASP code to PHP code.

Blumentals Software

Latvia-based company offers web development and system security tools, screensaver creators, and 3D pinball high score editor.

Dev-PHP Website v3.0 and v2.0

Freeware with the primary concern of generating applications and scripts using the PHP language.


Caches PHP Scripts to lessen the load of compiling. Creates fast execution of scripts. Freeware available online.

Eclipse: PDT Project

PHP tools framework includes components in enhancing the scripting language. Contains FAQs, version release, related articles and references.

EngInSiteL PHP Editor

Development tool for debugging, editing, and running PHP5 and 4 scripts. Contains screen shots, feature lists, FAQs, and trial version.

FPDF PDF Generator

PHP class allows you to generate PDF files with pure PHP, without using the PDFlib library.

Gubed PHP Debugger

Not a syntax checker, it debugs PHP scripts of logical errors. Freeware available online.

HTML Purifier

Hypertext Preprocessor-written HTML filter library deletes malicious codes. Provides documentation, plug-in descriptions, background, live demo, and version releases.

Ioncube PHP Accelerator

Speeds up PHP scripts without major script changes. Gives PHP cache. Freeware available online.

JPSPAN - Php and Javascipt

JPSpan provides tools to “hook up” PHP and Javascript, for the purpose of fetching data from PHP into a web page which has already loaded, without reloading the entire page.

MPSoftware: PHP Designer 2006

Free download of IDE software for PHP coding.

NuSphere PhpED: The PHP Development Environment for the Enterprise Developer

Eases code creation, debugs both remote and local codes, and allows fast deployment of PHP scripts to your site.

Pear: Benchmark

Framework for benchmarking Hypertext Preprocessor function calls. With changelog, API documentation, and list of tool packages.


Download for free Dreamweaver support that is database independent.

PHP Class Builder

Information on class template generator with term definitions, source code, and demo application.

PHP Compiler

Source code interpreter generates online and off-line web applications. With screen images, FAQs, advantage and highlight lists, and manual.

PHP Editor

Allows programmers to create and test HTML and PHP pages.

PHP Object Generator

Online tool generates clean and tested PHP code.

RedKernel Referrer Tracker

Tracking script decreases server load and handles large hits. Contains screenshots, feature list, demo, and release version and updates.

Roadsend: PHP Compiler 2.0

Enhanced IDE allows you to generate applications in full features. Available in 21 day free trial.

Sparkline PHP Graphing Library

Useful library for making "sparkline" graphs as described by Edward Tufte.


Event-powered tool enhances web-based applications. Presents screen images and documentations with example codes.

Website Databases

Provides updates on new tools for web databases.


Rapid application development tool builds applications for databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and IBM. With feature descriptions, customer testimonials, FAQs, and screen images.


Gives many debug information thus helps debug PHP script.

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