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PHP Image Galleries Scripts


Online-based picture gallery in PHP script, with FAQs, manual, tutorials, and demo.

File Nice

Browser script allows viewing of source in Hypertext Preprocessor language. Provides demo, version releases, and FAQs.


Freeware image application system in PHP that can be personalized. Consists of demo, documentations, highlight list, and numerous editions.

Idut: Gallery

Image album software for customization and integration of web pages. Includes screenshots, and Plus, Standard, and Core editions.


Edits and manages photo rating HotOrNot PHP-written script packages. Contains FAQs, design templates, and edition releases.


PHP and MySQL-based script for image album management. Presents screenshots, version release, and feature list.

PHP for Script

Features AZ Album Script Pro and Gallery Script Lite. With demos and screen images.


PHP-written automatic indexes image album. Provides highlight list, ReadMe file, installation instructions, and demo.


Presents demo, screenshots, feature list, and version and documentation for image gallery script in Hypertext Preprocessor language.

Pyxy Gallery

Picture album written in PHP and JavaScript provides highlight descriptions, demo, versions, and installation and preference setting guides.

Simple Picture Gallery Manager

Script in Hypertext Preprocessor language displays online image albums. With list of features, manual, demos, FAQs, themes and screenshots, and version changes.

Softbiz Scripts: Image Gallery Script

PHP-written tool runs photo gallery on websites. Contains feature lists and demonstrations.

SourceForge: AmIGeekOrNot

Version release of source code written in PHP scripting language.

SourceForge: Gallery4All

Presents thumbnail gallery written in PHP scripting language and MySQL database.

SourceForge: OTF Gallery

Photo gallery release requires Hypertext Preprocessor 4 and Joint Photographic Experts Group.

SourceForge: YaPiG

Release for PHP Image Gallery script that stores online-based personal images and albums.


Presents release versions, user manual, demo, and feature list for Hypertext Preprocessor image album script.

WSN Gallery

Indexes images and related media into websites. With freeware edition, demos, manual, and sample sites.

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