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PHP Guestbook Scripts

  • Flumpcakes: Guestbook

    Provides feature list, demo, setup and template steps, and available version of the PHP-written script.

  • Hscripts: HIOX Free Guestbook

    Consists of highlight list, edition releases, demos, and usage instructions for file-based script in Hypertext Preprocessor language.

  • PHP Junkyard: Guestbook

    Freeware system for smiley processing and sending of email announcements. With product demonstration.

  • Scriptsez: Cute Guestbook

    Hypertext Preprocessor language-written script capable of bad word filtering and total message recording. Includes product demonstration.

  • SmartWebby: PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0

    Provides benefit descriptions, animated interface demos, and highlight list of the enhanced edition of script.

  • WSN Guest

    Guestbook system that can be translated and customized. Includes ReadMe file, highlight descriptions, and available release.

  • Yet Another Php GuestBook

    Allows login interface administration. With list of features, live demonstration, screen image, and numerous versions.

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