PHP Script Frameworks in the Best of the Web Directory

PHP Script Frameworks

  • Akelos Framework: PHP

    Contains screencast, benefit list, tutorial, API documentation and release version of web-based application development platform written in PHP language.

  • BlueShoes

    Comprehensive application framework and content management system written in PHP.

  • Intertech: Spring Framework Consulting

    Delivers consulting, mentoring, and application development for Spring Framework.

  • Jelix

    Framework enhances various web-based applications. With tutorials, manual, API references, installation directions, and feature lists.

  • Limb

    PHP framework for developing applications on the web. Contains descriptions of different projects, examples, and API documentation.

  • Midgard CMS: MidCOM

    Supplies list of tutorials, services, and documentations for the PHP scripting language-written framework.

  • NO-SOD Project

    Framework aims in producing and offering professional web applications. Includes FAQs, modules, user manuals and installation guides.

  • Pear

    PHP extension and application repository. Site provides news, press releases, documentation, statistics, and downloads.

  • PHOCOA PHP Framework

    Internet-based software enhancement provides documentation, screen images, and example codes.

  • PHP for Applications

    Hypertext Preprocessor framework generates event-powered web-based applications. With source codes and commentaries, screen images, and documentations.

  • PHP On Trax

    Generates database-supported applications using Hypertext Preprocessor. With screencasts, demonstrations, documentation, and releases.

  • PHP Simpl

    Framework generates classes that mirror MyStructured Query Language tables. With list of features and aims, and release versions.

  • phpHtmlLib

    Aims to enhance object-oriented application using PHP. With versions, examples, change history, API documentation, and installation steps.

  • Plankton

    Web application framework using Hypertext Preprocessor. With tutorials, sample program, manual, and presentation.

  • Simple HTML Templating

    Segregates Hypertext Markup Language content from ActiveServer Pages or Hypertext Preprocessor codes. Includes documentation with example codes, and version changes.

  • SiteManager Library

    PHP-written framework includes code modules, layout templates, and database connectivity. Contains feature descriptions, manual, and version releases.

  • Solar

    Application enhancement project based on template system. Provides manual and list of package and class.

  • SourceForge: Compass Component Framework for PHP5

    Provides Hypertext Preprocessor language-written CCF that enhances object-oriented applications.

  • Symfony

    Open-source PHP web framework designed to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications.

  • XML: DIY Framework

    Open-source application for controlling server-side codes based on PHP5 and MySQL languages. With feature list and architecture, file structure, and life cycle details.

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