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PHP Script Frameworks


Comprehensive application framework and content management system written in PHP.

Horde Application Framework

Provides available releases, source code, project list, and documentation for PHP-written web application software system.

Intertech: Spring Framework Consulting

Delivers consulting, mentoring, and application development for Spring Framework.


Framework enhances various web-based applications. With tutorials, manual, API references, installation directions, and feature lists.


PHP framework for developing applications on the web. Contains descriptions of different projects, examples, and API documentation.

Midgard CMS: MidCOM

Supplies list of tutorials, services, and documentations for the PHP scripting language-written framework.


Model-View-Controller PHP-written framework with version releases, manuals, and FAQs.

NO-SOD Project

Framework aims in producing and offering professional web applications. Includes FAQs, modules, user manuals and installation guides.


PHP extension and application repository. Site provides news, press releases, documentation, statistics, and downloads.

PHP for Applications

Hypertext Preprocessor framework generates event-powered web-based applications. With source codes and commentaries, screen images, and documentations.

PHP On Trax

Generates database-supported applications using Hypertext Preprocessor. With screencasts, demonstrations, documentation, and releases.

PHP Simpl

Framework generates classes that mirror MyStructured Query Language tables. With list of features and aims, and release versions.


Aims to enhance object-oriented application using PHP. With versions, examples, change history, API documentation, and installation steps.


Presents Hypertext Preprocessor-based Model-View-Controller design. With demos, feature list, user guides, setup instructions, and releases.


Database-supported web PHP applications development contains tutorial. With examples, highlight lists, and application programming interface documentation.


Component-based programming framework for developing web applications in PHP 5.


Provides presentation, example code, requirements, and file releases for PHP-based site builder.

Simple HTML Templating

Segregates Hypertext Markup Language content from ActiveServer Pages or Hypertext Preprocessor codes. Includes documentation with example codes, and version changes.

SiteManager Library

PHP-written framework includes code modules, layout templates, and database connectivity. Contains feature descriptions, manual, and version releases.


Application enhancement project based on template system. Provides manual and list of package and class.

SourceForge: Compass Component Framework for PHP5

Provides Hypertext Preprocessor language-written CCF that enhances object-oriented applications.


Open-source PHP web framework designed to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications.

XML: DIY Framework

Open-source application for controlling server-side codes based on PHP5 and MySQL languages. With feature list and architecture, file structure, and life cycle details.

Zoop Framework

Object Oriented hypertext preprocessor foundation provides API documentation, articles, tutorials, and screencasts.

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