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Forum administration software with spam protection and custom templates. With examples, FAQs, themes, and installation instructions.


Configures and administers message board package with private messaging system. Includes list of features, version releases, and manuals.


Bulletin board messaging system in PHP scripting language. Contains demos, ReadMe file, highlight list, versions, and installation and configuration methods.


Forum software based on PHP and MySQL database that supports multiple posts and user accounts. With highlight list and edition releases.


Software for building online communities with customizable templates and skins. Provides feature listing and releases.


Forum messaging system with version releases and highlight and team listings.


Bulletin board software script capable of generating online communities. With demo test, manual, template gallery, and feature descriptions.


Discussion board with demo, highlight descriptions, documentations, versions releases, and theme list.

Outer Court: Forum

News discussion board system based on Hypertext Preprocessor and Extensive Markup languages. Includes example code and screenshots.


Provides FAQs, releases, and message forum for the open-source bulletin board system.

PHP Junkyard: Message Board

Freeware forum script with smiley support and bad word and Spam filtering. Includes demo and system requirement details.

Simple Machines

Custom online community generator with feature lists, version formats, and modifications and themes.


Solution for phpBB, vBulletin, and IPB systems includes articles, templates, and styles.

SourceForge: SowiBB

Presents release of Object Oriented PHP language-written bulletin board script.


Forum-based contact management with code snippets, design templates, patches, and version releases.

Unclassified NewsBoard

Web-based forum software written in PHP scripting language. Provides FAQs, installation details, and guides.


Software for storing and showing files, messages, and other information on forums. With feature descriptions, demonstrations, and edition release.


Presents open-source wireless application protocol discussion board solutions. Includes image gallery, FAQs and list of editions.


Bulletin board application with demo forum, commercial release, and installation and purchasing steps.

XMB Forum

Extreme Message Board application for community support, customization, and development. Contains modifications and version releases.


IT company offers discussion forum solutions. With example designs and edition comparisons based on its features and specifications.

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