PHP Database Management Scripts in the Best of the Web Directory

PHP Database Management Scripts

  • AppGini

    Program for web-based database application development. Includes screen images, version comparison, and trial edition.

  • DaDaBIK

    Freeware application in PHP language builds database interfaces. Provides version releases, FAQs, installation steps, and demo.

  • Dataxi

    Toolkit for editing and searching databases. Contains sample application and quick tour.

  • HypatiaDB

    PHP supported system creates clone of MS Access Database Manager. Provides screen images and version releases.

  • Lanifex Database of Managed Objects

    Tool for data center object documentation, with API guide, version release, and screenshots.

  • Outer-Court: QuickDat

    Online storage for data files supporting PHP4 scripting language. With demo, version release, installation methods, and screenshots.

  • PHP Archive

    Provides demos, FAQs, installation instructions, and version release of the content and relation management application.

  • PHP Flatfile Package

    Contains source codes with commentaries, version history, and tutorial for the database package.

  • phpLens

    Server written in PHP language designs database and web-based applications. With feature descriptions, demos, examples, and FAQs.

  • phpPgInfo

    Hypertext Preprocessor script allows access to databases. Includes FAQs, feature list, system requirements, and installation directions.

  • pMyBackupPro

    Web-based application for designing and managing backups. Includes feature list, screen images, FAQs, and available releases.

  • SourceForge: phpMSAdmin

    PHP-written tool for modifying databases, tables, and triggers.

  • SQLiteDB

    PHP-written class script for managing databases. Provides source code and function and variable descriptions.

  • SQLMaestro: PHP Script Generators

    Discusses construction of Hypertext Preprocessor scripts from databases. With screen images and code samples for illustration.

  • Vty Database Manager

    Database administration written in PHP scripting language. Contains available release and demo.

  • Woyano: ezSQL

    Hypertext Preprocessor class uses MySQL, Oracle8, InterBase, and PHP-PDO databases. Includes highlight list, documentation, and customer testimonials.

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