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Find listings of PHP scripts for functions that include ad management, auctions, calendars, chat, content management, database management, email, e-commerce, image galleries, forums, polls and link management.
  • AbleDesign: Holiday Calculations

    Provides source code with commentaries and yearly holiday listing demo.

  • adLDAP

    Active Directory PHP class for LDAP authentication provides FAQs, API documenatation, and available releases.

  • appGenerator

    PHP-based web forum and database for development and management. Includes feature list, example sites, screen images, and FAQs.

  • Bombusbee

    Provides support and development for PHP-written Fusebox web application framework. Supplies articles, version releases, samples, and related links.

  • Chumpsoft: phpQuestionnaire

    Online survey software written in PHP programming language. Contains list of highlights, demos, screen shots, templates and language translations.

  • ConfTool

    Management software supports conference, workshop and seminar organizers. Provides list of highlights, demo setup, and documentations.

  • Dave Tufts

    Features PHP-written open-source scripts for photo gallery, mortgage calculator, and FileUpload class. With details and release versions for each.

  • Digital Junkies

    Specializes in solutions inclkuding graphic design and website enhancement for companies. With details on releases, FAQs, sample codes, demo, and documentations.

  • EasyFormIt

    Features the PHP-written form mail script for designing and customization. With feature list, demo, documentation, and pricing list.

  • eLouai

    Collection of Javascript and PHP scripts with descriptions and sample codes.

  • Ep-Dev

    Counter, Whois, and forum news scripts includes highlight lists, descriptions, and version histories.

  • FastSum: MD5 Checksum File Parser Class

    PHP-written class for parsing checksums from generated files. With example source code and version releases.

  • FeedForAll

    Company of technicians and developers specializes wireless messaging solutions.

  • Folderblog

    PHP script that automatically displays the images placed in a given subdirectory. It can be used as either a blog or as a gallery — and just about anything in between.

  • Fredsoftwares

    Collection of numerous scripts with functionality details, system requirements, trial versions, documentation, and screen images.

  • Free PHP Scripts and Free PHP Hosting

    Offers free PHP scripts written by programmers of the site.

  • FreeMovie

    Toolkit for Macromedia Flash SWF file construction and parsing. Includes version releases, article, and FAQs.

  • Gallarific

    Offers an easy to customize photo gallery program written in PHP.

  • Gentlesource

    Listing of Hypertext Preprocessor language scripts also provides frontend and admin area demos, system requirements, and pricing details.

  • GeSHi: Generic Syntax Highlighter

    Highlighting class customizes output formats. Includes screenshot, demo, example code, FAQs, and documentation.

  • Internet Research PHP Scripts

    Features scripts including batch replace, keyword research tool, extract website, and content monitor. With demos, screen images, and installation guide.

  • Isolsoft

    Center provides support system solutions for websites. Contains demos, trial version, highlight lists, screen images, and FAQs.

  • J4L Components: RChart

    Provides numerous chart examples, user guide, and trial edition for chart builder program.

  • Jinzora

    Offers PHP-based digital music and video streaming for online computers. With demos, changelog, screen images, and system requirements.

  • Kimono

    Script used in monitoring network services and storing data in SQL database. With screen images, releases, and change history.

  • kPlaylist

    Allows access to music compilation. With screenshots, version releases and history, FAQs, feature list, and installation instructions.

  • Mega Upload

    Hypertext Preprocessor language-written script with progress bar uploads files. Includes version release, demonstration, FAQs, installation instructions, and tutorials.

  • MPM

    Includes MPM Guestbook Pro and MPM Chat scripts free for download.

  • Netjukebox

    Open-source media music player capable of playing audio and video files to computer in the network. Presents screen images, demos, change history, and installation directions.

  • Nona: php_libxslt

    Converts Extensible Markup Language documents using Gnome XSLT C Library. With changelog, source code, and installation details.

  • Numion: SiteSpeed

    Measures and shows rate of website and results through graphs. With highlight list, demo, releases, installation steps, and FAQs.

  • PC-Calculators: Online Loan Calculator

    Computes any type of loan payments. Includes demo, version release and screenshot.

  • PHP Labs

    Offers discounts for its professional PHP scripts. Provides support to members.

  • PHP mill

    Sources customized scripts to who needs modificationsn on their PHP or SQL on a limited time.

  • PHP.WarpedWeb.Net

    Formerly David's PHP Scripts, the site offers scripts available for download free. Plus mailing list for updates.

  • PHP/SWF Charts

    Hypertext Preprocessor tool builds web-based charts and graphics. With feature list, flash gallery, version releases, and FAQs.

  • PHPDoc

    Hypertext Preprocessor language-written script creates Application Programming Interface documentations. Provides demos, installation steps, and release versions.

  • PHPMini

    Collection of scripts includes anonymous E-mailer, contractor, meta crawler, reviews, and users online, with releases, feature list, and descriptions.

  • phpMy Directory

    Contains highlight lists, live demos, product reviews, and server requirements for Business Directory script using PHP and MySQL.

  • phpObjectForms Library

    Generates and processes Hypertext Markup Language forms, with release version, samples, and source codes.

  • PHP-Scripts

    Dealing on PHP scripts with live tech chat and live tech radio for technical problems.

  • PhrozenSmoke: PHPaint v.2.1

    Open-source software for button editing, creating, and previewing. Provides demo, main window screen image, and tutorial.

  • PlaySMS

    Mobile portal application provides Short Message Service gateway and commercial communication tools. With version features, system requirements, and releases.

  • Presto Poll

    Online custom survey script in PHP includes tutorial, version changes and releases.

  • Rampant Studios: Scripts

    Descriptions of several programs in Hypertext Preprocessor language. Also provides demos, feature lists, and requirements.

  • Review-Script

    Software allows product ranking on a scale of one to five stars. Contains demonstration, version features and releases.

  • RS Software Lab: PHTML Encoder

    Cross-platform software distributes encoded Hypertext Preprocessor scripts. Provides feature list, code sample, pricing details and screen image.

  • RW Scripts

    Features RW download software in PHP that customize download manager. Provides highlight list, screenshot, FAQs, and manual.

  • Script Dungeon: PHP Scripts

    Find popular PHP scripts and download them for free.

  • Scriptsez

    Presents categories of scripts with demos and feature lists.

  • SilverSpider Play List

    PHP script displays music play list and song details to websites. Includes example, documentation, and version features and changes.

  • Smart Parser

    Contains manuals, demos, screenshots, example codes, and releases for Hypertext Preprocessor template engine.

  • SourceForge: KeyWordsGen

    Project generates hyperlinks through PHP scripting language and MySQL database.

  • SourceForge: Mojo WebStats

    Tool based on PHP, Javascript and MySQL displays statistics like date or time, IP address, visitor resolution, and referrer.

  • SourceForge: Netjuke

    Audio streaming jukebox script written in Hypertext Preprocessor 4, with version releases.

  • SourceForge: PHP Authentication using Uma

    Version release for the verification and administration system based on PHP and MySQL languages.

  • SourceForge: phpTimeSheet

    Script in PHP language organizes and schedules attendance time for companies and projects.

  • TraceWatch

    Real-time statistics and traffic analyzer supported by PHP and MySQL monitors website guests. Provides demo, highlight lists, installation steps, and release versions.

  • Tunez

    MP3 jukebox program with voting system for casting favorite songs. Includes highlight list, demo, and file releases.

  • Uresk Network

    List of PHP-written scripts includes links, email tracker, quick gallery, and demos.

  • X-code: VDaemon Library

    Hypertext Preprocessor toolkit handles and displays errors including pricing details and functionality descriptions.

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