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24 Update Cam Portal Script

Web camera portal in PHP stores images and edit cam categories. With version releases, demos, and documentation.

AbleDesign: Holiday Calculations

Provides source code with commentaries and yearly holiday listing demo.


Active Directory PHP class for LDAP authentication provides FAQs, API documenatation, and available releases.


PHP-based web forum and database for development and management. Includes feature list, example sites, screen images, and FAQs.


Provides support and development for PHP-written Fusebox web application framework. Supplies articles, version releases, samples, and related links.

Chumpsoft: phpQuestionnaire

Online survey software written in PHP programming language. Contains list of highlights, demos, screen shots, templates and language translations.


Management software supports conference, workshop and seminar organizers. Provides list of highlights, demo setup, and documentations.

Dave Tufts

Features PHP-written open-source scripts for photo gallery, mortgage calculator, and FileUpload class. With details and release versions for each.

Digital Junkies

Specializes in solutions inclkuding graphic design and website enhancement for companies. With details on releases, FAQs, sample codes, demo, and documentations.


Features the PHP-written form mail script for designing and customization. With feature list, demo, documentation, and pricing list.


Collection of Javascript and PHP scripts with descriptions and sample codes.


Counter, Whois, and forum news scripts includes highlight lists, descriptions, and version histories.

FastSum: MD5 Checksum File Parser Class

PHP-written class for parsing checksums from generated files. With example source code and version releases.


Company of technicians and developers specializes wireless messaging solutions.


PHP script that automatically displays the images placed in a given subdirectory. It can be used as either a blog or as a gallery — and just about anything in between.


Collection of numerous scripts with functionality details, system requirements, trial versions, documentation, and screen images.

Free PHP Scripts and Free PHP Hosting

Offers free PHP scripts written by programmers of the site.


Toolkit for Macromedia Flash SWF file construction and parsing. Includes version releases, article, and FAQs.


Offers an easy to customize photo gallery program written in PHP.


Listing of Hypertext Preprocessor language scripts also provides frontend and admin area demos, system requirements, and pricing details.

GeSHi: Generic Syntax Highlighter

Highlighting class customizes output formats. Includes screenshot, demo, example code, FAQs, and documentation.

Internet Research PHP Scripts

Features scripts including batch replace, keyword research tool, extract website, and content monitor. With demos, screen images, and installation guide.


Center provides support system solutions for websites. Contains demos, trial version, highlight lists, screen images, and FAQs.

J4L Components: RChart

Provides numerous chart examples, user guide, and trial edition for chart builder program.


Offers PHP-based digital music and video streaming for online computers. With demos, changelog, screen images, and system requirements.


Contains ReadMe file, FAQs, and version releases for caching system written in Hypertext Preprocessor language.


Script used in monitoring network services and storing data in SQL database. With screen images, releases, and change history.


Allows access to music compilation. With screenshots, version releases and history, FAQs, feature list, and installation instructions.

Liquid Frog

Features a collection of PHP Web scripts. Includes calendars, chat and download manager scripts.

Mega Upload

Hypertext Preprocessor language-written script with progress bar uploads files. Includes version release, demonstration, FAQs, installation instructions, and tutorials.


Includes MPM Guestbook Pro and MPM Chat scripts free for download.


Open-source media music player capable of playing audio and video files to computer in the network. Presents screen images, demos, change history, and installation directions.

Nona: php_libxslt

Converts Extensible Markup Language documents using Gnome XSLT C Library. With changelog, source code, and installation details.

Numion: SiteSpeed

Measures and shows rate of website and results through graphs. With highlight list, demo, releases, installation steps, and FAQs.


Enterprise Resource Planning software written in PHP provides solutions for small and large businesses.

PHP Labs

Offers discounts for its professional PHP scripts. Provides support to members.

PHP Labs: RateMyStuff

Program in Hypertext Preprocessor rates websites, with highlight and requirement lists, and demonstration.

PHP mill

Sources customized scripts to who needs modificationsn on their PHP or SQL on a limited time.


Formerly David's PHP Scripts, the site offers scripts available for download free. Plus mailing list for updates.

PHP/SWF Charts

Hypertext Preprocessor tool builds web-based charts and graphics. With feature list, flash gallery, version releases, and FAQs.


Hypertext Preprocessor language-written script creates Application Programming Interface documentations. Provides demos, installation steps, and release versions.

phpMy Directory

Contains highlight lists, live demos, product reviews, and server requirements for Business Directory script using PHP and MySQL.

phpObjectForms Library

Generates and processes Hypertext Markup Language forms, with release version, samples, and source codes.


Details DivX, Linklist, Easydirlist, Antispam, and Buttonmaker scripts, which are written in PHP programming language.


Dealing on PHP scripts with live tech chat and live tech radio for technical problems.

PhrozenSmoke: PHPaint v.2.1

Open-source software for button editing, creating, and previewing. Provides demo, main window screen image, and tutorial.


Mobile portal application provides Short Message Service gateway and commercial communication tools. With version features, system requirements, and releases.

Polyspaston: HostDirector v2.1

Web hosting software for online orders. With FAQs, manual, and feature and pricing list.

Presto Poll

Online custom survey script in PHP includes tutorial, version changes and releases.

PX: help

Collection of free and redistributable PHP-written codes.

Rampant Studios: Scripts

Descriptions of several programs in Hypertext Preprocessor language. Also provides demos, feature lists, and requirements.


Software allows product ranking on a scale of one to five stars. Contains demonstration, version features and releases.

RS Software Lab: PHTML Encoder

Cross-platform software distributes encoded Hypertext Preprocessor scripts. Provides feature list, code sample, pricing details and screen image.

RW Scripts

Features RW download software in PHP that customize download manager. Provides highlight list, screenshot, FAQs, and manual.

Scripts for Sites

Presents several turnkey product demo sites, descriptions, and feature lists.


Presents categories of scripts with demos and feature lists.


Electronic-card program using Hypertext Preprocessor supports numerous databases. Provides demos, tutorials with code samples, screen images, manual, extensions, and customer testimonials.

SilverSpider Play List

PHP script displays music play list and song details to websites. Includes example, documentation, and version features and changes.

Smart Parser

Contains manuals, demos, screenshots, example codes, and releases for Hypertext Preprocessor template engine.

SourceForge: KeyWordsGen

Project generates hyperlinks through PHP scripting language and MySQL database.

SourceForge: Mojo WebStats

Tool based on PHP, Javascript and MySQL displays statistics like date or time, IP address, visitor resolution, and referrer.

SourceForge: Netjuke

Audio streaming jukebox script written in Hypertext Preprocessor 4, with version releases.

SourceForge: PHP Authentication using Uma

Version release for the verification and administration system based on PHP and MySQL languages.

SourceForge: phpTimeSheet

Script in PHP language organizes and schedules attendance time for companies and projects.


Real-time statistics and traffic analyzer supported by PHP and MySQL monitors website guests. Provides demo, highlight lists, installation steps, and release versions.


MP3 jukebox program with voting system for casting favorite songs. Includes highlight list, demo, and file releases.

Uresk Network

List of PHP-written scripts includes links, email tracker, quick gallery, and demos.

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