Obfuscated Programming Languages in the Best of the Web Directory

Obfuscated Programming Languages

  • Coding Obfuscation

    Hints and pointers in writing and obfuscating codes. Includes code examples for demonstration.

  • David Morgan Esoteric Programming Languages

    Shows programming language lists, operating system resources and esoteric algorithm.

  • False

    Aims to provide complex obfuscated syntax for programmers. With releases, code samples, and user manual.

  • Jasob 2

    Javascript obfuscation solutions with feature list, screenshots, trial version, user guides, and release updates.

  • Malbolge

    Discusses introduction, advantages and disadvantages of the programming language.

  • NPiet

    Peit programming language-based editor and interpreter with sample programs, sources, documentation, and releases.

  • Obfuscated Programming

    Contains esoteric and related programs with descriptions and source codes.

  • Orthogonal

    Primitive computer language provides proof-of-concept experiment services programming. Includes program resources and contact details.

  • P-nand-q

    Contains tutorials in obfuscating programming languages, which includes C/C++, Python, C#, and Java. With releases, screenshots, descriptions, and code examples.

  • Q-BAL Programming Language

    Basic programming tutorial on Queue-based language with code samples.

  • Shakespeare Programming Language

    Intends to generate codes resembling on the poet’s plays, with the characters as variables. Includes documentation, release, and resource links.

  • SourceFormatX Source Code Obfuscator

    Formats and generates data into complex syntax. Provides trial edition releases, feature list, screen images, and customer testimonials.

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