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Mumps Programming Language

4W Consulting

Presents background information on the company. Offers products and services for organizations in need of a Cache and M database.

CAMTA - The Cache and M Technology Association

Non-profit educational organization for utilization, improvement and understanding of the M Technology language.

GeorgeJames Software

Covers various products and services with brief descriptions and downloadable software provided. Allows request for further details through the Information Request and Feedback Form.

InterSystems M Technologies

Presents the M language with technology and configuration guides. Features downloadable DSM and MSM database.


Discussion on the definition, key features, and purpose of Java from Mumps. Includes articles on its compiler, runtime, database mapping and IDE.


Features the latest news and articles about the M language and database. Includes downloadable user manuals and documentation in PDF format.


Highlights background information, hints and tips, patches and updates, and other resources of the M Technology.

The Mumps Compiler and Multi-Dimensional and Hierarchical Toolkit

Overview of the MultiDimentional and Hierarchical Toolkit and Beta WinXP Subset Interpreter with downloads offered.

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