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ML Objective Caml

  • Cameleon

    Includes general documentation of the programming language such as its principles and concepts. Offers tools for the language with detailed descriptions and screenshots.

  • The Caml Language

    Provides information on the Caml programming language such as objectives, the Light systems, and resources for added reference.

  • Camomile

    List of recent news releases, downloads and documents of the free software library. Features article on Data Structures used in Camomile.

  • CocOCaml – The OS X Ocaml Toplevel Environment

    Focuses solutions to problems encountered by the program. Allows users to download a copy of CocOCaml with source code and manual provided.

  • Developing Applications with Objective Caml

    Prelude translation and discussion of the book by E. Chailloux, B. Pagano and P. Manoury called Developpement d’applications avec Objective Caml.

  • G’Caml

    Contains various features of the G’Caml compiler such as overloading, type safe value marshalling, and the ML value printer with sample codes provided.

  • JavaLib

    OCaml-based library gains access to class files in Java programming language. Includes version releases and application programming interface documentation.

  • JoCaml

    Concurrent and distributed programming extension contains manuals, releases, code examples, and articles.

  • MyCGR

    Library of tools in Objective Ocaml for Chaos Game Representation experiments. Includes installation instructions, documentations, and version release.

  • Ocaml

    Provides detailed information about the high level functional programming language with supplied links for other references.

  • Ocaml for Scientists

    Overview of the book by Dr. John D. Harrop. List of chapters and their titles with free online tutorial.

  • OCaml Interfaces for Various C Libraries

    Features MLCUDDIDL and MLGMPIDL Objective Caml language bindings. With descriptions, documentations, releases, system requirements.

  • Programming with Objective Caml

    List of recent updates and news related to Caml programming language. Also contains a table of various libraries with downloadable samples and tutorials.

  • SourceForge

    Introduces the library Pycaml and argues its importance. Contains sample application and detailed documentation.

  • Tuareg Mode

    Includes research reports, articles and PhD thesis related to programming language. Contains a downloadable Tuareg version 1.45.4.

  • Vim the Editor

    List of downloadable versions with release notes provided. Includes mail lists and other articles related to Ocaml.

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