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ML Programming Language

A Gentle Introduction to ML

Displays a table of lessons and other resources related to Meta-Language. Provides lessons and self-tests after every topic tackled.

Comp.Lang.ML FAQ

Introduces ML as a family of advanced programming languages. Includes Standard ML, Lazy ML, CAML, CAML Light and other research languages.

Edinburgh LFCS ML-Club

Focuses on the development of the ML programming language by having regular meetings discussing the history of the language, its implementation and its purpose.

mGTK, SML bindings for GTK+

Glue code used to make the Gimp Toolkit accessible from SML that provides a convenient interface for SML programmers to develop visual applications. Provides downloadable files.

Programming in Standard ML ‘97

Online tutorial about Standard ML that introduces essential concepts in language and illustrations with short examples.

SML vs. Ocaml

Argues the comparison and contrast of the Standard ML against the Objective Caml. List of aspects are provided to consider in the evaluation.


Presents basic information about sml_tk. Showcases current and dated downloadable releases of sml_tk implementations and documentation.

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