Emacs Lisp Programming Support in the Best of the Web Directory

Emacs Lisp Programming Support


Contains a list of the recognition tool’s features. With example codes, and downloadable versions.

CC Mode

Details on the XEmacs and Emacs Lisp mode with downloads, installation instructions, changelog, FAQs and a manual.


Defines the collection of Emacs development environment tools. Offers downloadable versions, article, and numerous details on its tools.

Emacs Code Browser

Information about the minor mode ELisp language including its manual, FAQs, downloads, changelog, and screenshots.


Features the major mode for the Emacs Lisp programming language. Contains downloadable versions and shows installation procedures.

Phillip Lord: Emacs Packages

Contains details on each featured packages that runs on the Emacs Lisp programming language.

SourceForge: EMHACKS

Contains free downloadable Emacs Lisp programming language libraries.

SourceForge: ILISP

Contains a downloadable version of the interface for Emacs. Also shows release notes.

SourceForge: PHP Mode for Emacs

Major mode for the hypertext preprocessor script that is available for free downloading.

SourceForge: Python-mode.el for Emacs…

Defines the major mode for the Python programming language. Offers a free downloadable version.

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