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Emacs Lisp

  • BHL

    Defines the free software that is written by Guerry. Contains a list of source codes, manuals, and examples.

  • Emacs

    Collection of Elisp packages that are available for downloading. Includes brief descriptions for each.


    Contains a list of packages that can be downloaded for free. Provides installation procedures for each.

  • Emacs Code

    Definitions of numerous codes developed on Emacs. Includes a list of Lisp that is arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Emacs Lisp

    Descriptions of numerous programs using the ELisp programming language.

  • Emacs Package for Talking to a Dictionary Server

    Contains a feature list, screenshots, downloads, installation and usage instructions, and a changelog for the dictionary client.

  • Emacs Speaks Statistics

    Description of the Emacs and Xemacs mode designed for data analyses and statistical programming. Includes a feature list, manual, downloadable versions and installation instructions.

  • Eric Marsden

    Collection of free downloadable Common and Emacs Lisps codes with descriptions provided for each.

  • Flyspell.ell

    Features the facility that is language independent. Includes a downloadable version, installation instructions, and a changelog.

  • GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

    Index of several manuals about the Emacs Lisp programming language. Includes sample codes for illustration.

  • Howm

    Information about the note-taking tool on Emacs Lisp. Supplies a tutorial, downloads, wiki, and screenshots.

  • Index: if-archive/infocom/interpreters/emacs

    Details on the ELisp package called Malyon.el. Provides an archive of Interactive Fiction files.

  • Lookup

    Defines the search interface that has e-dictionaries for the ELisp text editor. Offers downloadable editions, and screenshots.

  • Meltin.net

    Presents a list of Emacs Lisp hacks. Provides details of each.

  • MMM Mode for Emacs

    Provides information abotu the add-on package that ensures compatibility of Multiple Major Modes in one buffer.

  • Programming in Emacs Lisp, Second Edition

    Contains a manual of ELisp that is available in different file formats.

  • Session Management for Emacs

    Presents the Session package that can reinstate variables from the last session. Contains operations and restore place lists, edition history, and a downloadable version.

  • SourceForge: Online Journal

    Describes the function of the records mode for the Emacs Lisp. Supplies a downloadable version with release notes.

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