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Emacs Lisp


Defines the free software that is written by Guerry. Contains a list of source codes, manuals, and examples.


Collection of Elisp packages that are available for downloading. Includes brief descriptions for each.


Contains a list of packages that can be downloaded for free. Provides installation procedures for each.

Emacs Code

Definitions of numerous codes developed on Emacs. Includes a list of Lisp that is arranged in alphabetical order.

Emacs Lisp

Descriptions of numerous programs using the ELisp programming language.

Emacs Package for Talking to a Dictionary Server

Contains a feature list, screenshots, downloads, installation and usage instructions, and a changelog for the dictionary client.

Emacs Speaks Statistics

Description of the Emacs and Xemacs mode designed for data analyses and statistical programming. Includes a feature list, manual, downloadable versions and installation instructions.

Eric Marsden

Collection of free downloadable Common and Emacs Lisps codes with descriptions provided for each.


Features the facility that is language independent. Includes a downloadable version, installation instructions, and a changelog.

GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

Index of several manuals about the Emacs Lisp programming language. Includes sample codes for illustration.


Information about the note-taking tool on Emacs Lisp. Supplies a tutorial, downloads, wiki, and screenshots.

Index: if-archive/infocom/interpreters/emacs

Details on the ELisp package called Malyon.el. Provides an archive of Interactive Fiction files.


Defines the search interface that has e-dictionaries for the ELisp text editor. Offers downloadable editions, and screenshots.


Presents a list of Emacs Lisp hacks. Provides details of each.

MMM Mode for Emacs

Provides information abotu the add-on package that ensures compatibility of Multiple Major Modes in one buffer.

Programming in Emacs Lisp, Second Edition

Contains a manual of ELisp that is available in different file formats.

Session Management for Emacs

Presents the Session package that can reinstate variables from the last session. Contains operations and restore place lists, edition history, and a downloadable version.

SourceForge: Online Journal

Describes the function of the records mode for the Emacs Lisp. Supplies a downloadable version with release notes.

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