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Lisp Books

  • Books of Patrick Henry Winston and Friends

    Collection of books on Java, Lisp, C++, and Artificial Intelligence that contains descriptions and outline of topics.

  • Casting SPELs in Lisp

    Online comic book provides tutorials on the fundamentals of the language. With sample codes and screenshots.

  • Common Lisp

    Features the text called “Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation” that is free for downloading.

  • Lisp Information and Resources

    Listings of Lisp-related books that are available in the PDF format.

  • LispWorks

    Discussion on the HyperSpec, the online version of the ANSI Common Lisp Standard.

  • Mark Watson’s Books

    Features numerous published textbooks on Java, AI, C++ and Lisp. Includes downloadable sample programs and source codes.

  • Paradigms of AI Programming

    Outline on the contents of the book. Provides downloadable source codes, excerpts, and online ordering.

  • Paul Graham: ANSI Common Lisp

    Consists of a summary, feature list, chapter excerpts, and reviews from the featured book that is purchasable online.

  • Paul Graham: On Lisp

    Contains a summary and review of the text, which can be downloaded for free.

  • Practical Common Lisp

    Supplies the complete content of the textbook. With downloadable source codes.

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