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Listings found in this category consist of games that are written in JavaScript.
  • 100 JavaScript Games to Play Online

    Supplies numerous JavaScript-written one and two-player games with instructions for each.

  • Classic 15 Slider

    Features a Javascript-written game with brief instructions included.

  • Cowthello

    Shows the JavaScript version of the Othello board game with cows as objects instead of counters. With rules, and links to other related games.

  • David Lawrence Memory Game

    Consists of different pairs of pictures that make up the game. Includes details on its rules, difficulty, and number of attempts.

  • Def-Logic

    Contains freeware games such as Swarm, Flatland, Dark Age, Equalizer, Replicator and Popaloon that are JavaScript-written and made by Brent Silby.

  • Games

    Presents games that are written with the scripting language.

  • Jennifer’s JavaScript MasterMind

    Presents a logic skill game that is written with the scripting language with rules included.

  • J-Games

    Contains two JavaScript games namely Concentration and Association. Each has its own level of difficulty.

  • JS Games

    Showcases online games namely Marbles, Place It, Jigsaw Puzzle, Arrange, TicTacToe, and Hi-Lo. Includes descriptions and list of rules.

  • JS-Games

    Index of Javascript games such as Minesweeper, Mastermind, Memory, Tic Tac Toe, Tetris, Pacman, Othello and Snake. Includes rules, highscores listing, and source codes.

  • K. Moriyama

    Presents a collection of downloadable JavaScript-written games.

  • Kielack’s Javascript Games

    Indices of one-player and two-player games that are written with the scripting language.

  • Mazesmith Project Page

    Information about the Javascript-written maze generator, its release version, identified bugs, usage, downloads, edition history and demo.

  • Minesweeper

    Contains a free online JavaScript-written game for both gamers and programmers. Includes a history of its release.

  • Pear Web

    Provides JScript downloadable games like the Number Guess and Hangman game.

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