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JavaScript Games

100 JavaScript Games to Play Online

Supplies numerous JavaScript-written one and two-player games with instructions for each.

Classic 15 Slider

Features a Javascript-written game with brief instructions included.


Shows the JavaScript version of the Othello board game with cows as objects instead of counters. With rules, and links to other related games.

David Lawrence Memory Game

Consists of different pairs of pictures that make up the game. Includes details on its rules, difficulty, and number of attempts.


Contains freeware games such as Swarm, Flatland, Dark Age, Equalizer, Replicator and Popaloon that are JavaScript-written and made by Brent Silby.

Doll Maker Code

Provides a modifiable JavaScript code for creating a doll maker game on websites.


Presents games that are written with the scripting language.

JavaScript Source

Provides brief details on available JS games with source codes that can be included in HTML documents.

Jennifer’s JavaScript MasterMind

Presents a logic skill game that is written with the scripting language with rules included.


Contains two JavaScript games namely Concentration and Association. Each has its own level of difficulty.

JS Games

Showcases online games namely Marbles, Place It, Jigsaw Puzzle, Arrange, TicTacToe, and Hi-Lo. Includes descriptions and list of rules.


Index of Javascript games such as Minesweeper, Mastermind, Memory, Tic Tac Toe, Tetris, Pacman, Othello and Snake. Includes rules, highscores listing, and source codes.

K. Moriyama

Presents a collection of downloadable JavaScript-written games.

Kielack’s Javascript Games

Indices of one-player and two-player games that are written with the scripting language.

Mazesmith Project Page

Information about the Javascript-written maze generator, its release version, identified bugs, usage, downloads, edition history and demo.


Contains a free online JavaScript-written game for both gamers and programmers. Includes a history of its release.

Pear Web

Provides JScript downloadable games like the Number Guess and Hangman game.

Peter Box

Contains instructions, history, and a sample program of the online Javascript game.

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