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This category lists JavaScript collections.
  • AceJS

    Offers audio effects, buttons, calculators, counters, games, images, menus, text effects and utilities whose source codes were written with the language.

  • BlueShoes

    List of JavaScript input components, each having their feature list, descriptions and screenshots.

  • CodeBrain

    Brief descriptions of several power scripts including downloads and demos for each.

  • CodeLifter

    Contains freeware JScipts that can be included in HTML documents. Provides brief descriptions, samples, and source codes.

  • Coding Library: Java Programs and Files

    Listing of numerous downloads and source codes of the scripting language.

  • Development Scripts

    Compilation of submitted JavaScripts designed for affiliate management, forms manipulation, image and graphics, email, and redirection. With descriptions and codes.

  • Free Javascripts

    Collection of codes for the JS redirects, windows, images, frames, alerts, calendars, forms, popups, and menus with short descriptions for each.

  • HotScripts

    Contains numerous references, books, and software for the scripting language.


    Comprises of topics that include examples of codes and information about them.

  • JavaFile

    Categories of numerous JScripts and applets that are available for downloading. Allows users to submit their own codes.

  • JavaScript City

    Contains free scripts, tutorials, links to information, documentation and resources.

  • JavaScript Files

    Collection of various downloadable codes with descriptions.

  • JavaScript Kit

    Contains JavaScript tools for games, messages, mouse cursor, slideshows, music, text and cookies. Each have their descriptions, examples and codes.

  • JavaScriptSearch

    Collection of several scripts on dynamic html, cookies, passwords, calendars, buttons, games, alerts, forms, clocks, test and special effects. Includes brief descriptions for each.

  • JS: Free Javascript Examples

    Categories of numerous scripts such as banner, meta, function, location, table, select, radio, music, and strings. Demonstrations included.

  • PalaceDirectory

    Archives of Javascript demos and source codes that can be included on a web page.

  • Propix

    List of freeware Javascript codes with details and demos provided. Scripts are accessible by email request.

  • Rainbow Arch Script Library

    Collection of different kinds of cursors, special effects, time and clocks, dates, and navigation scripts for further customization of web pages.

  • Sandeep’s Nook

    Categories of JavaScripts which can be pasted on hypertext markup language documents. Includes demonstrations for each.

  • Web Scripts at Flooble

    Collection of Javascript resources that can be used for websites. Provides free downloads, and samples for each.

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