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JavaScript Scripts

  • 4Colors

    Online color picker that can be used on web pages. Includes a sample illustrative program.


    Provides scripts on web functionalities and utilities that are based on the JavaScript language. Each is available by request.

  • Bouncing Text in Status Bar

    Shows a script that makes text bounce. Contains instructions for running and starting it.

  • CalendatXP

    Presents a JavaScript Calendar for websites. Contains demos, theme gallery, downloads, and tutorials.

  • ChunyuLui

    Contains a collection of several JavaScript animations such as revolving circles, freeway traffic, and running horses.

  • CoqSoft

    Features a demo of an editable script complete with its details, tutorials, FAQs, downloads, and examples.

  • DHTML Cross Browser JavaScripts

    Contains samples of vertical and horizontal message scrollers. Includes details of each demo.

  • Dynamic Drive: NS6 Sidebar Script

    Features the DHTML scripting language with a demo and its configuration instructions.

  • DynamicDrive: Snow Effect

    Comprises of details in posting the winter snow appearance script on an HTML document. Also provides a demo of an autumn effect.

  • Dzigns by Shiv

    Consists of numerous examples of dynamic HTML, JavaScript 1.2 and 1.1, and CSS.

  • gifART

    Offers scripts that can be inserted into an HTML document to make a mouse-over effect. Includes instructions.

  • Hscripts

    Collection of free downloadable JavaScript software, tools, and sources. Also supplies HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP tutorials, and purchasable products.

  • Iconico

    Presents ColorPop, which serves as a color picker control for web pages. Provides demonstration and purchasable versions.

  • JavaScript Diagram Builder

    Presents a library that consists of objects and functions needed to create a chart or a graph on a web page.

  • JavaScript Kit

    Offers a large selection of free scripts along with tutorials, news, and coding forums.

  • JavaScript PopUp Creator

    Presents a window generator and includes a demo and subscription details.

  • Javascript Scrambler

    Features a script that is used to hide a user’s codes for protection purposes. Contains instructions and other notes in executing it.

  • JavaScript Shell

    Introduces the command-line interfaces for the scripting language. Also lists its features and built-in functions.

  • JavaScript Utilities: PopCal

    Contains a downloadable version, release notes, demo, and instructions on the usage of the calendar.

  • JSTicker

    Compilation of scripts that are created for scrolling content. Contains FAQs, purchase notes and details on each product.

  • Jsviewer

    Features an online demonstration of the Javascript-written dynamic hypertext markup language image viewer. Includes source code, samples, downloads, and a highlights list.

  • KityKity Javascript Photo Album

    Online photograph collection that is written in the scripting language. Includes downloadable files for creating a personalized album.

  • PengoWorks: qForms JavaScript API

    Defines the all-inclusive scripting language application programming interface. Includes FAQs, examples, downloads, and a changelog.

  • Plexel: Web Site Editor

    Defines the Java and Javascript platform that was created for designing and manipulating OS applications. Provides downloads, applets and a portfolio.

  • Rectangular Marquee Tool

    Introduces the Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language application. Contains examples, downloads, job offerings, and source codes.

  • Search Maker Pro

    Provides a list of the product’s features and advantages. Offers example search engines, downloads, and online purchasing.

  • Tipue: JS

    Offers a JavaScript search engine that is free for downloading. Includes a user guide and a downloadable version.

  • Yet Another Calendar Converter

    Showcases a calendar that can be converted into French, Latin, Roman, Gregorian, Hebrew, and Julian.

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