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Java XML Text Editors

  • Cladonia: Exchanger XML Editor V3.2

    Information about the Java-based product for generating extensive markup language data and documents with a feature list, screenshots, and downloadable and purchasable versions.

  • GenDoc

    Describes the Java2-written XML editor that has the Document Type Definition and action plug-ins. With screenshots, downloads and bug report.

  • IBM: Xeena

    Visual XML editor with information about its functionality. Includes tutorials, screenshot, and press articles.

  • Jaxe

    Consists of feature and package list, download and installation instructions, examples, manuals, and screenshots associated with the XML editor.

  • NetBeans: XML Support in IDE

    Provides information about schema tools in the Enterprise Pack 5.5. Comprises of screenshots, downloadable version, articles, video demo, and tutorials.

  • Pollo

    Defines the editor that is designed to edit tree-like XML files with a feature list, screenshots, downloads, schemas, and related notes. Contains an example fragment of the tree-widget.

  • Stylus Studio: Java XML Tools

    Provides information about the various functions of the Java application builder and generator. Offers a free downloadable trial version.

  • XAmple

    Presents information about the project that has been created to examine a schema and then make a document-specific GUI. Offers an applet demonstration, manual, and API documentation.

  • Xerlin: Open Source Extensible XML Modeling Application

    Defines the project created to make editing extensive markup language files straightforward. With a feature list, downloadable versions and documents.

  • XFlows

    Contains an action and feature list, screenshot gallery, tutorials, samples and downloadable versions of the XML and XSLT manager.

  • XML Pro v2

    Company that aims in software development for extensive markup language tools and web-related projects. Provides downloadable and purchasable versions.

  • XMLmind

    Features the extensive markup language tool for editing documents with a screenshot. Offers a downloadable personal version, and a sellable professional edition.

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