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Java Certification

  • Abhilash: Java Quiz

    Contains several code questions with answers relating to the language.

  • AKGBackup: Java Certification

    Contains preparatory study notes, mock test, tips and pointers, and books for students taking certification exam.

  • Certgear

    Certification product includes exam simulators and practice exam software, with trial versions.

  • ExamNotes

    Information Technology certification portal includes exam notes, games, and products.

  • Examsguide: SCJP Free Simulator

    Provides certification objectives and descriptions, exams, book reviews, FAQs, and training resources.

  • go4java

    Details on Java certification objectives and FAQs. Also provides mock exams and learning experiences.

  • IBM: An SCJP 1.4 Certification Primer

    Coverage of instructions includes preparation and taking of Java certification exam.

  • Java Certificate

    Repository of tutorials, articles, and certification practice and interview queries on the technology.

  • Java Prepare

    Contains certification sample for mock exams, tutorials, FAQs, tips, books, and associated sites.

  • JavaBeat

    Listings of certification tutorials with code samples, assertions, references, and XML basics.

  • JavaBlackBelt

    Compilation of mock and certification exams for numerous Java technologies. Also allows submission of contributed tests.

  • JavaCertificate

    Certification service includes weblogs and demo mock test, with features tour and screenshots.

  • JavaQuestion Bank

    Contains objective, interview, and certification queries and mock test links.

  • jGuru: JavaCertification Forum

    Message board discusses variety of information on the languageā€™s certification.

  • Learn Solaris

    Prepares administrators with exam-preparation tools for system certification, practice and training.

  • MarZ Consulting

    Unix and Solaris administration training services.

  • Sacramento Java User Group

    Holds meetings monthly for Java-related discussions on new technologies and information systems. Includes posting announcements and job listings.

  • San Diego Java User's Script

    Non-profit user group based in San Diego shares information on technologies and promotse the programming language. Provides meeting reviews, message forum, and related links.

  • SCJP Tiger Study Guide

    Tutorial for certification examination for the Java 2 Platform and Standard Edition 5.0. With example codes for demonstration.

  • Whizlabs: Java Certification

    Descriptions and trial versions of numerous certification preparation kits.

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