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Java Programming Personal Pages

Alexander Feldman

Software developer supplies information on several Java projects, with screenshots, descriptions, and source codes.

Cedric Beust

Provides collection of documentations and articles on the Java programming language.


Contains demos, games, and source code releases for Java programming language.

Dan’s Place

Lists Java language programming projects with short descriptions.

David Reilly

Provides frequently asked queries on Java Network Programming, which include Socket, HTTP, Remote Method Invocation, and Servlets.

Diego Moriarty

Presents Java programs with descriptions, source codes, and applet demonstrations.

Doug Lea

Provides Java-based software, codes, documentations, and reports.

Erica Asai

Covers and provides resources about Windows 2000 and XP, JavaScript, and Java applets. Also provides downloadable tools.

Java Nook

Details the Java programming language, its software, XML, patterns, examples, and tools.

Kev’s Development Toolbox

Presents compilation of Java-written development tools, with descriptions and releases.

Marin Rinehart

Details on Java projects, articles and tutorials, sample applications, API documentation, and source codes.

Mark Shead: Programming

Features MailReaderCMD, PhotoRename, and GetWebPage Java programs, with brief descriptions and source codes.


Software developer provides Java class library details and associated articles.


Provides Java Magic 8 Ball applet and X10 project with version releases and API documentation.

Werner Randelshofer

Contains freeware software such as TinyLMS, MultiShow, ANIApplet, CubeTwister, and VelcroFly. With descriptions, documentations, and releases.

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