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Java Groovy FAQs, Help, and Tutorials

alt.lang.jre: Feeling Groovy

Covers introduction and purpose of the Java platform scripting language called Groovy.

Ant Scripting with Groovy

Guide in applying languages includes numerous build processing features and usage details.

Functional Programming with Curried Closures

Demonstrates Groovy closure composition, iteration, and computations. With code samples for illustration.

Go Server-Side Up, with Groovy

Guide in generating GroovyServer Pages and Groovlets on server-side implementation. Provides example codes and screen images.

Groovy’s Growth Spurt

Showcases updated functionalities of scripting language’s syntax with example codes.

JDBC Programming with Groovy

Tutorial discusses scripting language’s iterators and simple query language. With codes on writing and reporting application and data management.

Mark it up with Groovy Builders

Demonstrates programming of Builders that imitate graphical user interfaces and markup languages.

MCV Programming with Groovy Templates

Covers Java Model-View-Controller program writing, with various examples that show simplification of report views.

Of MOPs and Mini-Languages

Tutorial details usage of Groovy in moving Meta Object Protocol into applications. Includes example codes and figures.

Stir Some Groovy into your Java Apps

Illustration of various ways in embedding scripts to programs.

Unit Test you Java Code Faster with Groovy

Shows importance and functionalities of the unit testing using Groovy scripting language.

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