Java Aspect-Oriented Extensions in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Aspect-Oriented Extensions

AspectBrowser for Eclipse

Contains screenshots, downloads, installation and setup instructions, FAQs and its numerous features of the tool.

DemeterJ and AP Studio Resources

Contains general information, examples, manuals, articles, FAQs, downloadable versions and installation procedures of the Java interface.


Introduces the event-based aspect-oriented programming meant for the Java programming language. With examples and downloadable edition, interface documents, and an architecture description.

Eclipse: AspectJ

Provides features of the aspect-oriented extension of the Java language. With downloads, tools and sample documents, FAQs and bug reports.

IBM: HyperJ

Presents the tool that supports the functions that make up the software in Java. With a free downloadable file and installation instructions, and answers to FAQs.


Comprises of complete information about the Java aspect-oriented programming language with a list of its features. Explains its different plug-ins, tools and jars, and implementations.


Describes the architectural rule-checking tool with its FAQs, examples, manual, and a downloadable version.

ObjectWeb: ASM Project

Presents the manipulation framework that can be used in running stub and proxy classes in binary form. Includes tutorials, manuals, and downloadable CVS repository and stable versions.

PROSE: Programming Extensions of Services

Discussions on the problems, applications and platforms of the aspect-oriented programming. Includes its last downloadable edition.

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